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we do at fort

We support the United Nations sustainable development goals
goal no. 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal
and we support (13)climate action.

We provide cybersecurity services to companies and businesses in Kenya, East Africa and the rest of the world as per demand.

As everyone adopts technology, so does the need arise for protection against harmful behaviors online, whether intentional or not.

That is where we as Fort come in. giving you full security support of your systems so that you can worry about other important things in your business.

As a way of ensuring we offer the best to our client, we first test any product/s we are offering and we also use all the services we are offering in our sister companies thus ensuring 100% trustworthy.

There is plenty of demand for pen-testers as companies usually have strong cybersecurity and data policies, but lack a way to measure effectiveness. Therefore, the primary goal of FORTpentesting company is to offer simulation and testing services from the perspective of the adversary