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Cyber Security

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A network security audit is the process of assessing the security and integrity of organizational networks. Conducted by IT managers and network security teams, it helps uncover and mitigate costly threats to an organization’s network and data assets.

This audit is a strategic combination of testing services that simulates a real-world attack scenario, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your network security.

A professional IT firm that uses physical processes and digital solutions to assess the quality and security of your business network environment, including your operating systems and all your applications, conducts it.

we review the following aspects of your network during a security audit:


The IT partner should review your firewall configuration, check for security vulnerabilities, and make sure it is patched and up-to-date.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software

The audit will determine if updated anti-virus and anti-malware software protect all systems, including your servers.

Active Directory

Microsoft’s Active Directory is a centralized way of managing all the users, computers, and security policies on Windows domains. Your business should be managing its Active Directory on a regular basis, which means removing inactive computers and user accounts from the system as needed. This helps reduce security threats posed by stale accounts with network access and passwords that never updated.

Password Approach

The audit will determine the effectiveness of your company password policy. For example, are you prompting your employees to use strong passwords and routinely change them? Are you deactivating previous employees’ accounts promptly? These are crucial components of cyber security.


Every company needs a process for backing up business-critical data and testing it regularly to ensure effectiveness. The audit will review your approach and pinpoint any shortcomings in your strategy.

These are just some of the aspects of a comprehensive network security audit. To identify all security vulnerabilities, fort pen-testing services will also review your approach to data sharing, remote connectivity (how your employees access company assets when they are home or traveling), and internet content filtration (whether you block sites that violate your company’s internet policy).

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